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this is funny!…

My ocXcannon parings

JaySue/RedAqua (JasonXSusan)
DeathWing/NightStriker (NightwingXDeathstriker)
SuperSmile (AngelaXConnor)
BatRomance (BruceXAndrea)
IronManXIronWoman (TonyXCarly)
WarMachineXWarzone (RhodyXSam)
DarthVaderXDarthRoyalPain (AnakinXZoey)
KyoshiXZuko (Kyoko)

Random from DC

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fan fic cover , parody or fan made poster made by me
Mr. and Mrs Cute and Cuddly by VaderNihilus
Joke Arkham City poster by VaderNihilus
the original poster by VaderNihilus
Mistress Arkham City poster by VaderNihilus
Aquos Arkham City poster by VaderNihilus
Kill Slade by VaderNihilus
The price for a parody poster or a fan made poser draw by me is 100 points 

+ plus background 5 points (5 + 100 = 105)
Comic covers
Comic Cover of Aquos by VaderNihilus
Iron Woman comic cover by VaderNihilus
Comic Cover Star Wars: Path of memories by VaderNihilus
Dead Bat Comic cover by VaderNihilus
Warzone comic cover by VaderNihilus
The price for a comic cover is 90 points

+ an extra chacter (2 to 3 chacters) are 3 points (90+3= 93)
Fan Fics
The NEW price for a fan fic is 80 points

+ the fan fic cover are 100 points
Design the outfit of a chacter when theres no contests
Commision for KoalaOShiz by VaderNihilus
Batwoman new suit by VaderNihilus
Side Winder (New Marvel OC) by VaderNihilus
Agent Spider suit upgrade by VaderNihilus
New ATLA/LoK Ocs by VaderNihilus
Iron Woman (draw at hand) by VaderNihilus
The NEW price of desing the outfit of a chacter when theres no contest is 70 points

+ plus gadgets are 3 (70+3=73)
+ plus the name of hero/anti hero / villian name are 4 (70+4=74)
Redesign the outfit of a chacter when theres no contests
Firecraker Redesing by VaderNihilus
Spirit by VaderNihilus
Desings by VaderNihilus
Lightning Bolt new outfit by VaderNihilus
Agent Stalker full body by VaderNihilus
Iron Raptor (full body armor) by VaderNihilus
The NEW price of redesing the outfit of a chacter when theres no contests is 60 points

+ gadgets are 3 (60+3=63=
+ the name of the hero/anti hero/villian name are 4 (60 + 4 = 64)
Stamps and Icons
Commision for iamlunafromazurehowl by VaderNihilus
Commision for Cosmic-Psycho by VaderNihilus
Stamp Lian HarperXNathan Wayne (Request) by VaderNihilus
for ChasingCharlie by VaderNihilus
The NEW price for a point commisions of stamps and icons (yeah i do icons now) is 50 points

Two to five chacters + background
Cold Hands by VaderNihilus
Kyoshi firebending by VaderNihilus
Raven and Terror Blade YJ by VaderNihilus
Littleglitterstar OCs YJ style by VaderNihilus
Im Sorry I Couldnt Save You by VaderNihilus
Sophie the black widow by VaderNihilus
The NEW price for a point commisions of two to five chacters + background is 40 points

+ dialoge 43 points (40 + 3 = 43)
+ gadgets 44 points (40 + 4 = 44)
+ song lyrics 45 points (40 + 5 = 45)
+ chibi style 46 points (40+6 = 46)
Two to five chacters
Bruce and Andrea (the Batman Style) by VaderNihilus
Todds and Graysons by VaderNihilus
Booming and Aqualad by VaderNihilus
Well hello Aurora.... by VaderNihilus
Just The Way You Are by VaderNihilus
Art Trade with waynegirl13 by VaderNihilus
The New price for a point commision of two to five chacters is 30 points

+ gadgets are 33 points (30 + 3 = 33)
+ dialoge are 34 points (30 + 4 = 34 )
+ song lyrics are 35 points (30 + 5 = 35)
+ chibi style are 36 points (30 + 6 = 36)
Single Chacter
Coming in Cold by VaderNihilus
Art Trade with KimberlyGB by VaderNihilus
Kyoshi by VaderNihilus
Commision for Pepperfan1 by VaderNihilus
Stay Away by VaderNihilus
Im sexy and i know it by VaderNihilus
The NEW price for a commision of single chacter is 20 points

+ dialoge are 22 points (20 + 2 = 22)
+ background are 23 points (20 + 3 = 23)
+ gadgets are 24 points (20 + 4 = 24)
+ song lyrics are 25 points (20 + 5 = 25)
+ chibi style are 26 points (20 + 6 = 26)
Backgrounds and Wallpapers
Grass by VaderNihilus
Sea by VaderNihilus
Snow by VaderNihilus
Slenderman wallpaper by VaderNihilus
A background are or a wallpaper 10 poits

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VaderNihilus's Profile Picture
Suzana Solano Perez
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
DB: Ship War Free Zone 2of2 by DarkJediPrincessDB: OCxCanon 2of3 by DarkJediPrincessDo not steal art by Orpheelin
Hearts and Jewels banner [anim.] by socksyyWelcome Banner by socksyyHearts and Jewels banner [anim.] by socksyySTAMP: Aquos by KestrelPhantomWitch
DB: Gallery Supports Het 1of3 by DarkJediPrincessDB: OCxCanon 1of3 by DarkJediPrincessSTAMP:  Don't Steal my Art by djRimzi

profile photo made by :iconvadernihilus: me

my name is Suzana, im from Mexico and i love the superheroes, medabots, stat wars and avatar, i hope i can work on DC and Marvel and show my stories to the world, i have a lot of friends and also i love RP all my ocs of Marvel, DC and ATLA

OCs of DC:
-Dead-Bat (Batwoman II on another DC AU)
-Eagle Girl
-Scarlet Rose
-Evelyn Dracula
-Red Ion
-Blue Ghost
-Dragon Kid
-Black Heart
- Black Tiger
-Silver Wind (my and :iconpedrofaria339: oc)
-Wind Wing (my and :iconpedrofaria339: oc)
- Agony (my and :iconpedrofaria339: oc)
- Black Mamba
- Batboy (my new and :iconitzeldrag108: Oc/ DC alternate universe son of Batman and Batwoman(Andrea Jones/Dead-Bat)
- Terrorkinesis
- Pyrus
- Red Knight (my and :icondreamtreasure228: OC)
- Hathor (my and :iconninjaanimehero: OC)
- Punch-Line
- Vengeance
- Dark Wish
- Green Lantern

Marvel Ocs
-Iron Woman
-Mounsier Mask
- Iron Rebel
- Agent Stalker
- Daredevil II
- Agent Spider
- Phobia
- Iron Raptor (Baron Raptor)
- Baroness Fatality
- Malevolence
- Side Winder
- Techna

ATLA/LoK ocs:
-Takashi Bei Fong
- Mameha
- Kazuto
- Hatzumomo

Medabots OCs (sith type medabots)
-Cherie (my oc and oc of :iconmedabotpuru:)

Star Wars OCs
- Darth Nemurire/ Zoey Palpatine
- Dasha Skywalker
- Naoko

Ben 10 Ocs:
- Joyride
- R8X

- Silvia
- Sophie
- Lola
- Oliver
- Puber
- Janet
- Cloe
- Amelia Carrie Vesuvius
- Angelique
- Kane
- Vanessa
- Logan
- Andrew
- Luna
- Nathaly (my and :iconitzeldrag108: PoM oc)
- Adam
- Candace

D.A family

Sisters - :iconladybeemetabeefan::iconninjaanimehero::iconmedabotpuru:, :iconladybee-moy::iconbluemetabee::iconnoblegundam: :icontffangirl::iconnatalia-clark: :iconazylinda1::iconharu-chan3426::iconlittleglitterstar::iconitzeldrag108::icondansfan::icontruthsdiary::iconiamlunafromazurehowl::iconredshadow1234::iconkid-martian::iconklavdija-dutciewicz::iconstarsthatsing:

Brothers - :iconsirblackdeath:, :iconshadedspark: n :iconjonathanxbrass2::icondarkface03:

Cousins- :iconthehero-guy:

BFF - :iconsophiecyberland::iconrichard130597::iconanymovierp-vader::iconanycartoonrp-azula::iconmsravenrachelrothtt::iconstarfirekicksthebutt::iconask-elsa-of-arendell::icongalaxygirl5::iconbbg4ya::iconjo-jo999freak::iconsmileprettycure:

Boyfriend -:heart: :iconpedrofaria339: :heart:

Adoptables partner - :iconsmileprettycure::icontruthsdiary::iconredshadow1234::icondreamtreasure228:


Parings i support:
SpeedBolt stamp by sophiecyberlandchibi Fire Ant X Neutranurse support stamp by NobleGundamchibi BlueDog X Honey support stamp by NobleGundamchibi BlackDeath X Dullahan support stamp by NobleGundam
Yuokka Stamp 1 by 3VAD127BluePaint2 Stamp by JokersitaBruceXAndera (request) by NinjaAnimeHeroRedAqua (request) by NinjaAnimeHero
Zutara Stamp by Harei-rutoRoseXBatboy Stamp by NinjaAnimeHeroIcon: ATLA Sokkla Lovers by RainbowPlatypusSokkla Stamp by 3VAD127
RobinxStarfire Fan by Allendra3Makorra Stamp by zwinkyaddictedFerb x Vanessa Stamp by Aletheiia90
Joker and Harley Quinn Stamp by nniikkiiiZutara Continues by WrathOfReesesHoney X BlueDog stamp by NobleGundamBlueDog X Honey stamp/icon by NobleGundam
rogue and gambit stamp by Soraya-MendezRomy Stamp by CrimsonReachZutara Stamp 05 by Kuro-AkumakoI still support Zutara stamp by neopuff
Batman Catwoman Stamp by CalavalStamp Request - Batman x Catwoman by Chasing--EchoesSusan and Jason by azylinda1NightWolf by NinjaAnimeHero
chibi Ladybee X Metabee support stamp by NobleGundamMinnow and Serpentine support stamp by NobleGundamchibi Serpentine X Minnow support stamp by NobleGundamStamp -YJ- Robtanna 01 by PJXD23
stamp batman and wonder wonmen by Soraya-MendezStamp - Kataang by plushkitSFNW stamp by SamThePenetratorTitans Sfng Stamp by SamThePenetrator
BBxRae stamp by sketchingserendipityTitanic Stamp by TheBaileyMonsterI'll Never Let Go Icon by Exotic011Zutara Stamp 08 by Kuro-Akumako
Zutara Stamp 01 by Kuro-AkumakoZutara Stamp 03 by Kuro-AkumakoZutara Stamp 02 by Kuro-AkumakoZuko + Katara's Hug -stamp- by carenviniegra
Jim X Ariel Stamp by meg15warriorQ x H animated stamp by AnaFrostThe QuestionHuntress Stamp. by KleeAStrangeQ x H stamp 2 by AnaFrost
We'll laugh about this one day by jalonzo1610DarkCaster Stamp ver 2 by invader-himeToy Story Stamp: Buzz and Jess by XxoOjunefoxOoxXQuickxRae Stamp by Starrceline
Spidey+Cat Stamp by catz1313I Support The Titanic: I by truckstops:Starfire x Robin Stamp 8D by kagomelover245Borra Stamp by LoveKoganJarlos
Raven Beastboy Stamp by YagoniZutara Kiss Stamp by FaytaleMakorra Stamp by klll100Eventide - Merida/Hiccup Stamp by siquia
Stamp by Moony92 by ArielxJimclubMannyxZoe Stamp plz by schwarzekatze4MannyxZoey stamp v.2 by schwarzekatze4TerraxBB by imxx
Luxsoka kiss - Stamp by PurpleWillowTreesJoker and Harley by ovstampsLin Bei Fong x Tenzin Stamp by SummerLovesPeaceZutara Stamp 04 by Kuro-Akumako
Taang Stamp by 3VAD127Sukka Stamp by 3VAD127Clown - Merida/Hiccup Stamp by siquiaTerra and Beast Boy stamp by Numbuh9
Beast boy and terra stamp by ur-guardian-angelterraand BB avatar by aikoshadowRobin x Starfire stamp by TwinTwosGirlchibi Magma X Madeline support stamp by NobleGundam
Stamp - RedX + Aquos by VaderNihilusVioBin Stamp by AskSkyCyRae Stamp by AskSkyBBTerra Stamp by AskSky
RobStar by AskSkySTAMP: JaySue by KestrelPhantomWitchSTAMP: Robin/GlitterStar by KestrelPhantomWitchDarth Vader X Lumiya Stamp by DarthVaderXSnips
Peter x Gwen Stamp by JoeMerlStamp: Dick x Babs by LieutenantKer(Request) RobinXStarfire Stamp by SoraRoyals77(Request) Beast BoyXTerra Stamp by SoraRoyals77
TonyXCarly stamp by VaderNihilusstamp for GalaxyGirl5 by VaderNihilus

parings i DO NOT support:
Anti Stony - Stamp by StarrcelineAnti Sladin - Stamp by Starrcelineanti maiko stamp by Fufucuddleypoops(Request) Anti AnnaXElsa Stamp by SoraRoyals77
Anti Korrasami - Stamp by Starrceline(Request) Anti AnnaXHans Stamp by SoraRoyals77(Request) Anti Jack FrostXAnna Stamp by SoraRoyals77AntiBBRae Stamp by neopuff

And the winner is...

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 11, 2015, 12:48 PM
Skin by TMNT-Raph-fan

hey guys, the redesign contest its over and here we have the winners

for 7 votes the winner is :icongrim-shadowman:Darth Nemurire by GRIM-Shadowman

Prize is 30 points and 2 draws as gifts

for 4 votes the second place goes for :iconroseinartic:VaderNihilus's Redesign Contest Entry by RoseInArtic

Prize is 25 pointss and 2 draws as gifts

and for 1 vote the third place goes for :icondarkchapel666:
Nemurire Tourniquet by darkchapel666

Prize is 20 points and 1 draw as gift

Note: If you guys want me to draw something on particular, please tell me

  • Mood: Optimism
  • Listening to: swan song
  • Reading: (nothing at the momment)
  • Watching: (nothing at the moment)
  • Playing: (nothing at the momment)
  • Eating: (nothing at the moment)
  • Drinking: apple juice

Does anyone want me to do a point commision? 

2 deviants said i´ll think about it
2 deviants said no, thanks, maybe next time
1 deviant said i would like one, please (comment)


Batman of the Ages by phil-cho

well lets see, you draw all the versions of batman and i gotta say that you did an awesome work with the batman of christopher nolan, b...

Bat Family: Gotham Crusaders by phil-cho

all i can say about this is that this is freaking awsome, i would like to have a picture of my ocs on that style, but ofcourse i cant p...

Zutara 01 - Please Don't Go by LPDisney

im wondering why Zuko doesnt do that with me (joke) i just love this draw is really cool, erotic and full of passion it makes me think ...

Purge by Aeonsend

is pretty cool i really love this draw maybe if you put in this picture to vissas mar with a double lightsaber and Darth Sion could be ...


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